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 (1) Six classrooms specially reserved for the Department of Finance

We hope to provide a comfortable learning environment. Six classrooms are all equipped with Digital Multi-Media Lectern, a fixed single beam projector, and wired and wireless network. Four of them are regular classrooms. One classroom is for application courses and serves as a well-arranged space for formal speeches. All of them are prepared with air conditioning. 

(2) Diversified teaching equipment 

Diversified teaching equipment, including digital cameras, sound recorders, microphones, digital video recorders, projectors, and notebook computers, enables diversified teaching methods. With laptops, students can access to the Internet wirelessly anywhere at the campus, immersing in a borderless learning environment.

(3) Research laboratories for graduate students 

The Department offers two research laboratories for the graduate program. All graduate students are allocated to an exclusive study space. Another research laboratory is also set up for students of the executive master’s program. 

(4) Comprehensive study aid 

Computer classroom E318 in the College of Finance and Banking are open for students to do researches and have project discussions. There are 60 sets of personal computers and matching technological equipment that can run researching software. To assist students in obtaining certificates and licenses, the Leaning Center provides multiple test question databases of certificates and licenses.