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 (1) Undergraduate Courses

        The Bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 128 credits to graduate; Aside from 30 credits in General Education and 47 credits in professional obligatory courses, students need to get 15 credits from other departments of First Tech. To help students get professional financial certificates and licenses, the Department offers four obligatory courses of guidance and assistance on certificates and licenses. Moreover, selective internship courses are offered in fall breaks and during mid-terms for students to broaden internship experiences; the Department signed Industry-Academy Cooperation agreements with nearly 20 enterprises to provide internship opportunities.

(2)   Graduate Courses

The Master’s degree requires a minimum of 41 credits to graduate, including 6 credits of the Thesis. The course options are highly flexible. Business financial management and investment management is the pivot in planning the Master’s curriculum. The planning enables students to graduate in one and a half years and to enter the workplace sooner. Students can opt for participating in joint dual-master-degree projects to increase their employability.

(3)   Executive Master’s courses

To complete the study, EM students need to obtain 36 credits, 6 credits of the Thesis included. The course options are flexible, with only the Thesis the obligatory course, and we have included weekday evenings, weekends, and spring and fall breaks in outlining the course timetable of the Executive Master’s courses.