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   The goal of our teaching, “To study practically for the purpose of application,” embodies the curriculum planning of the undergraduate and graduate programs. Business financial management and investment management is the pivot of the curriculum. The distinguishing features include:

 (1) A flexible and wide range of choices of courses

       From the undergraduate to the graduate program, the Department has a well-devised curriculum for students who want to obtain two degrees in five years. With only Thesis course the obligatory course, the planning of the graduate program allows students to complete the study in one and a half years and to enter workplace sooner. 

 (2) Joint dual-master-degree project

       The Department inked a joint dual-degree agreement with the University of Missouri-St. Louis, one of the top-ranking universities in the United States. Students who choose to participant in the joint dual-degree program will receive a NT$240,000 grant per capita; they can obtain a Double-Master degree in two years and an oversea internship opportunity. Their English proficiency and employability can therefore be significantly enhanced.

 (3) Reward and subsidy for enterprise internship, and certificate and license

       The Department offers many reward and subsidy measures. To award students who get professional financial certificates and licenses, registration fee is fully subsidized. Training linked to enterprise internship is reinforced in hopes that our students can become a talent of financial management who incorporates theory with application. Hence, the Department shall reach the goal of “to enhance through application” and “to bridge the gap between the industries.”

 (4) Small-class teaching

       The Department adopts small-class teaching; this facilitates the pedagogical interaction between students and the faculty.